Press Release

For their spring production in 2013 at the Charles Cryer, Chase Theatre Company has chosen Terence Rattigan’s masterpiece, ‘Separate Tables’ which demonstrates his sublime art of characterisation. Set in a Bournemouth hotel, in which the residents are obliged to take meals at individual tables, symbolising the isolation of the individuals. The original theatre production starred Eric Portman and Margaret Leighton. The widely successful film had an all star cast, with David Niven, Deborah Kerr, Rita Hayworth and Burt Lancaster to name but a few.

 In Table No. 1, An ex-Junior Minister is confronted by his ex-wife, a former model who provoked him to a violent act that sent him to prison and ruined him.  Still loving each other, they nevertheless go through another terrible scene and it is the hotel manager, Miss Cooper, who finds a way to repair their broken lives.

 In Table No. 2, A bogus army Major without the background and education he claims and a neurotic young woman (with a ruthless domineering mother) find solace in each others company.  A sordid scandal threatens to drive them apart but when all seems lost Miss Cooper comes to the rescue.

 In some original script found in Rattigan’s flat quite recently, it is widely thought now that the lewd incident in the original stage play and screen which involved women should in fact have been the subject of men and homosexuality. Chase have chosen this new found version as being the one the author would have preferred had it not been illegal at the time. In the film adaptation, and subsequent stage revivals the lewd incident involved was a woman and the latter version unlikely to have been put forward as the notion of homosexuality being considered would have been too much for 1950’s taste.

Tickets from £9 available from the Sutton theatres website and box office 020 8770 6990. Performances 12-16 March. 7.30pm (2.30pm Mat)